Stone Chips In Winter

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Now the weather has started to change, and winter is on its way, we highly recommend that you get your stone chips repaired before the frost arrives.

Once we hit freezing temperatures, stone chips can easily turn into cracks, which can then result in a costly windscreen replacement.

Cooky will clean the glass around the stone chip, getting rid of any dirt and dust which might be inside. He then fills the chip by injecting it with a high-quality clear resin. He will leave it with a smooth finish. Although the damage does not disappear completely, it is minimised dramatically and often you need to really get up close to see where the original damage stood out.

The longer a stone chip is left untreated, the harder it can be top repair due to dirt and moisture getting inside.

Repairs can usually be done following this guidance, however Cooky or one of our technicians will make a final decision when they are with the vehicle and can see the stone chip for themselves. Some chips are not repairable, and a replacement could be needed. However, we will always try to repair first where possible.

Repair guidance

Zone Repairable
Zone A Damage up to 10mm
Zone B Damage up to 15mm
Zone C Damage up to 25mm
Zone D Damage up to 40mm

***Stone chip repairs are currently £30 each, or 2 for £50 if they are both on the same vehicle***

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